When Michael Jackson gets woke up for school
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my sister asked me to make gijinkas of reese and cyrus so she and her boyfriend can cosplay them. and well i did it; she asked for a lot of ruffles

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Aw man, I miss drawing random Hobbit fanart ;w;

Bilbo and the giant bee is a scene that I wanted to draw ever since I saw the second movie~

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Some Rarity.






in west narnia born and raised
through the wardrobe was where i spent most of my days

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I was sitting at the piano bar for about 2 hours, drinking coke, alone and complaining about how hobbitcon is over on tumblr and thinking about how I won’t see hobbit cast for a long time. I was about to buy some water and go back to the room
room but when I looked up from the phone I saw most of the cast standing right beside me at the bar. Huh.

And then I had a really nice conversations with Adam.

I died.


It was so crazy. I CRIED right after the closing ceremony when John Callen hugged me and told me to take care and to ‘step into the light’. Then the actors left the hotel so I thought ‘well that was it’. I went back to the room but it was so empty since Laura and Josien left already so I went down to buy something to drink and catch up with the lovely Internet. But then THIS happened. It actually took me so time to finally bring myself to talk freely with an actor but just as Adam was leaving for his flight I think I just wanted to wish him a save flight but ended up talking about how awesome it would be if there was hobbitcon Drei and I asked him about his new active life style since he wasn’t in his greatest shape during dwarf camp and now he’s participating in marathons and such. So we had a little talk about running. I might actually start running.

Awww… that’s super cute and so awesome! :D

Glad to see you’ve had such a wonderful time. It’s also so nice to hear that Adam’s so cool with talking with fans. Not that I ever had any doubts about that - from what I’ve seen so far, he does seem like a super sweet guy. But it still makes me happy that he doesn’t have a problem with having a small chat with people (sorry if I sound too surprised - the only experience I have talking to stars of any kind are musical actors, which is still of a slightly different caliber).

I too hope there’s going to be the third Hobbitcon. I actually plan on going myself - I wanted to go to this year’s Hobbitcon, but sadly didn’t manage (mostly due to not having enough cash)… :’( But I do want to go next year, if there’s going to be another one.

Możemy nawet spróbować się wybrać razem. ;)